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Burbank Registered Sex Offenders


Illinois Compiled Statutes 730 ILCS 152/115 (a) and (b) mandate that the Burbank Police establish and maintain a Sex Offender Database, accessible on the Internet, identifying persons who have been convicted of certain sex offenses and/or crimes against children and must register as a Sex Offender.


Dziaba, Stanley 7813 S. Natchez Ave. DOB:04/18/1962 Agg Crim Sex Abuse

Jurkovic, Kyle E. 6040 W. 79th Street DOB:12/12/1990 Crim Sex Abuse/Force

Kirn, Gary Lee 7801 S. Parkside Ave. DOB:04/20/1956 Poss Child Pornography

Martinez, Edgar 8104 S. Leamington Ave. DOB:05/22/1988 Agg Crim Sex Abuse

Mohammad, Safwat A. 5609 W. 79th St., Apt. 2W DOB:03/21/1976 Attempted Indecent Solicitation of A Child

Neumann, Michael 8638 S. Massasoit Ave. DOB:03/09/1972 Predatory Crim Sex Assault

Perrino, Frank Jr. 8409 S. Merrimac Ave. DOB:07/04/1967 Poss Child Pornography

Ramos, Daniel 8027 S. Nagle Ave. DOB:04/08/1989 Poss Child Pornography Grooming

Raskey, Michael 8516 S. Nashville Ave. DOB:02/17/1992 Crim Sex Abuse

Sandoval, Manuel 6128 W. 80th Pl. DOB:09/13/1988 Predatory Crim Sex Assault

Segovia, Victor 8617 S. Meade Ave. DOB:11/15/1954 Agg Crim Sex Abuse

Thomas, Joseph P. 8130 S. Merrimac Ave. DOB:03/17/1980 Predatory Crim Sex Assault

Suarez, Angel 7772 S. Lavergne Ave. DOB:10/16/1965 Agg Crim Sex Abuse

Ortiz, Cesar 7954 S. Nordica Ave.-2nd flr DOB:11/28/1992 Crim Sex Abuse/Force


Child Murderer & Violent Offender Against Youth Registry

Campos-Castro, Yudel 7772 S. Lawler Ave. DOB:07/12/1983 Murder with Intent to Injure or Kill

Murillo, Ulises 8146 S. Mason Ave. DOB:08/23/1991 Domestic Battery

Winchel, John 8034 S. Lorel Ave. DOB:10/16/1966 Domestic Battery

Ruiz, Jaime 7811 S. Major Avenue DOB: 02/17/1978) Murder/Intent to Kill