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5700 W. 75th Place
Burbank, IL 60459 (708) 924-7390


James Burris
Public Works Director
PH# 708-924-7390

The City of Burbank Public Works Director has knowledge of policies, procedures, and techniques used in the construction, maintenance and repair of municipal infrastructure. In a supervisory capacity he demonstrates skills in departmental management, personnel administration, safety and training. He oversees the procurement, management, and maintenance of the city's fleet of equipment.

  The City of Burbank is responsible for maintaining weed abatement, tree removal, parkway repair, street sweeping, flood control, and disaster preparedness related to street maintenance while protecting the environment and responding to the changing needs of the citizens.

Street Light Trouble Report:

With more than 4,000 streetlights to maintain, we appreciate your help in finding lights that are out or malfunctioning. You can now report them via one quick phone call. We ask for your name and phone number in case we have questions and need to follow up with you. It's easy. Just call 708-924-7390. Our crews will repair that light as quickly as possible. If you have questions about a streetlight, you can still call us at 708-924-7390, Monday-Friday 9:00a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Burbank Public Works Office also maintains and repairs street storm sewers. Citizens are asked to help us keep sewers free of debris such as leaves and papers, allowing curbs to drain and reduce standing water. If you should notice a problem with a sewer on your block, feel free to notify us of the problem.

Tree Trimming and Removal:

Tree trimming is performed in order to maintain a healthy stock of trees and to keep residents, pedestrians and motorists safe from dead or weak branches. If a property owner wants their tree to be trimmed, they can make a request to have the Public Works Department trim their parkway trees. The Public Works Department only trims parkway trees for public safety or the health of the tree. This can be initiated either by the Public Works Department or by property owner request. The Department will only trim trees that are on the Public Right of Way (also known as the Parkway). The City does not permit private contractors or other agencies to trim City trees. Only the Public Works Department staff or home owner is permitted to trim parkway trees. The City Municipal Code prohibits the destruction of any parkway tree. Trimming requests will be responded to in the order in which they are received. The Public Works Department will also remove cut branches from the parkway. Upon request, the Public Works Department offers cut logs and wood chips, to any local resident. For trimming or wood chips, please contact us at the Public Works Department. 5700 W. 75th Place Burbank, IL 60459 (708) 924-7390


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