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Red Light Public Safety

Red light crashes that result in injury or death are on the rise, outpacing all other kinds of traffic collisions. Research shows that the presence of red light cameras at intersections with traffic signals serves as a deterrent to drivers disobeying the light and reduces the number of crashes at intersections. Red light enforcement cameras capture high resolution, digital color images of vehicles entering intersections after traffic signals have turned red.

The City of Burbank is a Red Light Camera Project Enforcement Municipality and has active enforcement cameras located at the following intersections:

Southbound Cicero Avenue @ 79th Street
Southbound Cicero Avenue @ 87th Street
Eastbound 79th Street @ Cicero Avenue
Northbound Harlem Avenue @ 79th Street
Westbound 79th Street @ Harlem Avenue

If a driver should receive a violation notice you may call (Pay Tickets Online) at 1-877-262-3318 for more information or
visit the payment center at the following website: https://payonlineticket.com/


The below listed PDF file links contain public information documentation.

Please note that the availability of these statistical analysis reports are contingent on crash data being released to the public by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Questions regarding this data should be directed to the I.D.O.T.
79th and Cicero Ave 1-Yr
79th and Cicero Ave 3-yr
79th and Cicero 3yr 2nd - final-2022

87th and Cicero Ave 1-Yr
87th and Cicero Ave 3yr
87th and Cicero 3yr 2nd - final-2022

79th and Harlem 1-Yr
79th and Harlem 3yr - final-2022