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The City of Burbank Fire and Police Commission is a civilian body comprised of three members appointed by the City Mayor operating separate of the City Council and overseeing general policy in the Burbank Fire Department and Police Department. The Commission is responsible for administering the testing and hiring of our full or part time police officers and firefighters. The chiefs are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the departments.

The Illinois statutes provide laws under which the Fire and Police Commission must operate. The Commission is also responsible for the promotion of officers within the Fire and Police Departments. In the event of a disciplinary matter, the Commission will convene and hear evidence presented by the Chief of the Fire Department or Police Department and the disciplined officer. The Commission has the final authority in suspending, demoting or terminating an officer or fire fighter.

The Burbank Fire and Police Commissioners regular meetings are held at the Burbank City Hall chambers located at 6530 W. 79th Street, 2nd Floor.

To contact members of the Burbank Fire and Police Commission
E-Mail FPCommission@burbankil.gov