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The Burbank Police Departmentís Detective Unit consists of 6 Detectives, 1 Detective Sergeant, 1 Division Chief, overseeing the activity.

The Unit's main objective is to work hand-in-hand with the Patrol Unit to identify and apprehend criminal offenders, with special emphasis on the investigation of major crimes. Through this cooperation, both units operate efficiently to apprehend offenders and resolve criminal cases.

The Detectives are assigned to follow up on cases generated from both citizen complaints and Patrol Officers. Detectives develop information designed to reduce criminal activity in the community. This is often accomplished by developing sources or informants. Information also arises from anonymous tips or e-mail. Crimes such as theft, auto theft, robbery, identity theft, burglary and even fraudulent use of computers are often investigated weekly by the Burbank Police Departmentís Detective Unit. The Detective Division also relies on the community and request you be cognizant of suspicious autos or persons in your neighborhood. You, too, are the eyes and ears of your Police Department.

Burbank Police Department Detectives are also assigned to the South Suburban Major Crimes Taskforce which is made up of over 50 agencies. Its primary mission is to investigate homicides. Detectives participate in the Southwest Major Case Unit, which primarily investigates violent felony or property crimes.

If you are interested in sending a tip to the Burbank Police Department's Detective Unit call 708-924-7300. This information will be kept confidential. You may also e-mail a tip to us thru our Webmaster below.

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