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The School Resource Officers at Reavis High School and Liberty Jr. High are seen as “men and women of many hats”. The SRO is a police officer who investigates crimes, makes arrests, writes truancy tickets, and diffuses conflict. At other times, the SRO is a counselor to students and parents, dealing with personal, legal, college planning and other issues. The Burbank SRO may represent the school much like an administrator, listening to complaints from staff, parents, students and the neighborhood. The SRO also takes on the active role of a teacher, making law enforcement presentations and answering questions about policing.

The role of the School Resource Officer is clearly established and understood by staff and students. Confidence in the program is frequently reinforced when the SRO hears, "I’m glad we have you here". Additionally, the presence of a Youth Specialist assigned to Reavis and Liberty complements the staff as an additional resource to reach out to.

Even though the current enrollments of Both Reavis and Liberty are quite large, only a small number of students are detained for criminal behavior each year.

The School Resource Officer program was developed in response to a local and nationwide concern for safety in our schools and has been useful in promoting good behavior among students in school and at extracurricular events.

Questions about the Burbank SRO Program may be directed to Officers Villanueva at:
Vvillanueva@burbankil.gov or by calling
708-599-7200 (Reavis)