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Joe Hession, Building Director/
Building Commissioner/Zoning Administrator
The Building Commissioner handles all reviews for building permits, issuance of building permits, property maintenance, building code enforcement. Reviews applications for variances, special use permits, subdivisions and zoning changes. Prepares recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
The Building Dept. Secretaries: Assists in the issuing of building permits, answers questions regarding building permit applications, schedules building inspections and zoning.



Building Department

 Construction and Repair Permits

Prior to undertaking any new construction or repair job, it is important to contact the Building Department to determine whether or not plans are in conformance with building codes. Permits are needed for all new construction or certain repairs and other additions, i.e. fences, swimming pools, storage sheds, etc. If you have questions, call our office at (708) 599-5500.

In order for every section in the City to have a high standard of construction or rehabilitation work, the Building Department issues what is termed a Building Permit. This permit is a safeguard to the Community, that the work being done is in conformance with zoning, health, and fire-safety standards as authorized under the City of Burbank Building Code. A permit is necessary for the protection of the individual performing the job, for the property owner, and for the City. A safe, general guide to follow is that permits are required in all cases of new construction. With respect to existing buildings, permits are required in all instances where the proposed work involves structural changes, light and ventilation, exits, size of rooms, fire-safety requirements, sanitary facilities or any other work that may result in changes to the heights, area, capacity, use or occupancy of building.

ALL contractors must be licensed to do any type of work in the City of Burbank.

Issued by the Building Department. Garage sales are not permitted on Sunday and are LIMITED TO TWO PER YEAR. Call(708) 599-5500 x242 for guidelines and fees.

Please contact the Building department regarding any permits that may be required.

When you are replacing a gas water heater, we are requesting that you call the Building Department at City Hall (708) 599-5500 for an inspection. This inspection will ensure that the water heater has proper ventilation, safety valve, and is properly connected. There is no charge for this service, it is for your safety.

NOTE: If you are in doubt as to whether or not a building permit is needed, the Building Department may always be consulted. You may call the Building Department at(708) 599-5500.


Any structural changes
Demolition of any structure
Garage construction
Add a garage breeze-way
Roof replacement (recoat or recover)
Build or repair porches
Enclose and/or heat porches
Replace siding
Replace existing masonry
Erect chimneys
Add dormers or bay windows
Install driveway
Erect fences
Any type of remodeling
Install, replace or extend warm air furnaces
Air conditioning for single and multiple dwellings or commercial buildings
Build mechanical supply/exhaust ventilating systems
Install boilers
Construction/alteration/addition of ventilation facilities (including store front, interior and exterior and replacement to existing windows, skylights, transoms and other openings used for natural light and ventilation
Install or alter any electrical equipment
Construction/alteration of plumbing
Shore up, raise, under-pin, or move any building
Erect or alter a fire escape
If not listed above call the Building Department at: (708) 599-5500