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Calling 911




What happens when you call 911?



Our 911 call taker enters the information you give into a computer.


Our dispatchers assign a priority to the call based on the type of call (burglary, shooting, etc.). Additional information you give can affect the priority.


Our Dispatcher radios the information to a police officer in the field.


Additional information from you is sent to officers either by radio or computer. Details are vital, so remain calm and speak clearly.



Why prioritize calls?

We answer dozens of calls each day, everything from found property to crimes in progress. Obviously, we must respond more quickly when a life is in danger than when only property is threatened. We have limited resources and must work numerous calls simultaneously; prioritizations helps us effectively and efficiently use those resources. We make every effort to provide the highest level of  emergency service for every call.







   About 911 hang-ups: Our policy is to respond to ALL 911 hang-up calls. If you change your mind about needing assistance, stay on the line and explain that to the 911 call takers. Otherwise, an officer will be dispatched to your location to ensure that you are safe. Calling 911 when you do not need an officer puts those who need emergency assistance in danger. A large percentage of 911 hang-ups are made by unsupervised small children. Please explain to them that calling the police without reason leaves someone else unprotected.


   The Burbank Police Department is asking citizens to help stop the accidental calls by locking their cell phone keypads, turning off automatic 911 dialing features and avoiding programming 911 as a speed-dial number.


If You Do Not Have An Emergency, You are Requested to call our Non-Emergency Line: 708-924-7300


Here are some tips for calling 911. Reading these now may help you when an actual emergency occurs.


Remain calm



Be prepared to verify phone number and location, especially if you are calling from a cellular phone



Be brief Answer all questions



Do not hang up!!!!!!


Be prepared to give descriptions and license numbers



Remember: Answering questions does NOT delay the dispatch of assistance. A dispatcher is sending help your way while the Call Taker takes additional information from you. The more pertinent information you give us, the safer everyone will be.

Burbank emergency services are dispatched via the Communications Division located in Oak Lawn. Citizens are asked to call 911 when there is any need for a response of police, fire or paramedic. This will include non-emergency dispatch of services. For administrative offices, please call the number listed on the appropriate web page.

Always call 911 when there is a medical problem or something that requires the Burbank Fire Department to respond.


It is a misdemeanor for any person to willfully misuse the 911 system for any purpose other than reporting an emergency. The Burbank Police Department does not want someone to be injured or killed as a result of emergency service response to a false call.








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